Don’t confuse Headhunting with Recruitment.

Headhunting is a term widely used to describe someone who works in recruitment.

There are key differentiators; Simon is paid partially in advance to search for the best and most appropriate candidates to join his clients.

Don’t confuse Headhunters with Recruiters.

Clients are presented with a shortlist of two or three people and without exception, someone is always appointed from the shortlist.

From a candidate’s perspective this means that if selected for the shortlist, you will only compete with one or two other people at the most.

Simon is a Headhunter.

The process known as “The Search” is often conducted over 4/5 weeks and will involve lots of travel, often out of hours, to distant locations for meetings at a hotel close to the candidate.

Simon will dig-deep into the candidate’s career journey and uncover a complete profile and reasons to consider moving forward or not, on behalf of his clients.

A candid approach in all aspects of meetings is both refreshing for clients and candidates because Simon will give straightforward feedback at every step of the headhunting journey. Executive Search is Simon’s main activity, though it is important to note that all roles within Housebuilding are catered for, from reception staff to Chief Executives. Every department of every Housebuilding operation is well known to Simon. If you’re looking for someone in Construction, Simon will quiz candidates in detail regarding NHBC standards, scaffolding regulations, building practices and lots of other important areas. If it’s Technical, look out – Simon is up to date with all Building Regulations and standards/initiatives. Every discipline is Simon’s speciality, not just Sales & Marketing.

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