It is not always possible to list certain vacancies, as quite often the retained searches are covert.
Make sure that you are on Simon’s radar for opportunities.

Job title: Quantity Surveyor – Housebuilding

Location: South Midlands

Growing a business can be rewarding and challenging. Being part of the growth brings many rewards and some headaches. On the plus side, you’ll get to work with some very talented people. You can see this as an opportunity to learn and grow.
It doesn’t really matter how much knowledge you have accumulated so far, because every day is a school day. Having the opportunity to work with one of the best housebuilding groups in UK, doesn’t come around very often. They choose their people carefully, in the same way, that you would only consider working with certain businesses. Experience working with another housebuilder is essential and this company will create a package to attract you depending upon your experience.
Known for their internal promotion record, no one is held back if they wish to grow and spread their wings.


Job title: Sales and Marketing Director

Location: South West England

Do you have it? The thing which tells me that you will make something good happen in Sales? Not just the enthusiasm and hunger for earning a fortune, but the gravitas to lead and motivate a strong sales team, meeting targets, creating a sales strategy, whilst being three to five steps ahead of the whole business?

I don’t think that you’ll make the grade. I think you’re probably average. Let’s see?

For someone smart, this role will allow you to fly. You’ll need to love your work, because you’ll be there for most of the time.

Package to attract the best and someone who can manage volume sales and know your competition inside out. A born leader will do nicely.

My client is a stickler for detail. They’ll be all over you if there is any question of whether you’re on the case or not.

Managing staff, customers, a big marketing database, giving input on planning and design, mix, rate of sale, competitor analysis, managing the marketing budget, creating and approving all marketing material, being the face of the company in public forums, you name it, it’s down to you.



Job title: Land and Planning Director – Housebuilding

Location: Essex/Hertfordshire/North London

During my 17 years of headhunting, I always approach each assignment with care and a detailed brief.
Some Land Directors will be too busy looking at today to realise the potential of tomorrow. This role will appeal to someone looking for more than a job. They’ll really want to become part of the furniture.
This visionary company has plans for growth and are well positioned to become a Housebuilder of repute. Their simplistic structure allows room for the right person to excel.
A responsibility for heading up a small team initially, growing the department and buying lots of land to secure the company’s future growth objectives is key.

When your work is done, you should have the respect and admiration of your co-directors, sufficiently to enable further progression to Managing Director within a few years.

It won’t be overnight, but a very realistic planned proposition.

All Directors hold shares in the business and have a common goal.


Job title: Planning and Design Manager – Housebuilding

Location: Bedfordshire

Cramming plots into a site-layout is a skill. Having the luxury of being able to think with space around you is a benefit, but if you have been used to cramming plots to get the best coverage, you’ll feel slightly at odds with the primary goal for this housebuilder.

Planning – Can you get planning consents? Are you a natural negotiatior when it comes to planning authorities?

Don’t even bother applying for this role unless you’re a grafter. Someone who wants the big chair or to be viewed as the key to unlocking sites and getting stuff done.

Afraid of hard work? I want someone who works hard and smart. No, you don’t need to be in the office at all hours to show that you’re committed, just turn up, do a good job and go home. It’s what you put in that matters, not the hours.

If you’re in two minds whether to take the next step, don’t. That’s easy. If you want a directorship down the line, you’ll have to earn it, but this is no carrot role. It’s simply reward and appreciation for a job well done.

Fancy a peek at this one? You’ll get to meet The Headhunter, Simon Wilkins. If you agree between you that you’re going to fit-in, you’re a step closer to a well paid opportunity and when I say well paid, I mean it.


Job title: Head of Land – Working towards Directorship

Location: South Midlands

You could be the perfect candidate for this role particularly if you are champing at the bit for progression within your Senior Land role.

I have always maintained that people know when they are ready to move upwards to take on bigger responsiblities, but some need a lightbulb moment, what I call the ahaa factor.

Ahaa, now I see it!

The leap shouldn’t be too great for an accomplished Senior Land Manager and I’m just the person to discuss your career with, not least because I have a full understanding of your role – able to get into the detail and ask some interesting questions.

Because not everyone will be fortunate enough to work with this Housebuilder, it’s essential that I understand where you are in your career and where you would like to get to. This company has a strong internal promotion characteristic and all Heads of Dept have the same goal, to become Directors.

You need to be someone who wants to be a Director and somoene prepared to earn your stripes.

If you would like to work with an enviable Housebuilder, be part of shaping their future and your own, this role could be for you.

Let’s start by getting together at a nice hotel, after hours, near your home.


Job title: Technical Manager – (Engineering background)

Location: South Midlands

Without over complicating this opportunity, I need someone who can turn up in a nice Housebuilder in South Midlands and start working on live and forthcoming sites, making sure that units are on track for the build teams. You must have an Engineering background in some form.

Forget the title, the company will pay whatever is required to attract the right person.

Ready when you are..