A step closer to being on my radar

Whether you are considering your career options immediately or for some time in the future, it’s important to understand how I work.

Retained search is my model. I find people. I find the most appropriate people for my clients.

Essentially, Clients partner with me exclusively to find the best people for their teams.

I am paid to search.

Since 2002, I have built many life-long trusted relationships with clients.

Opening a door is very easy for me, as my clients trust and welcome my recommendations. I know them all well.

I don’t promote candidates in the same way other recruiters might work.

Most recruiters are likely to go fishing with your CV and bombard as many companies with your CV as possible.

This can have a detrimental effect by overexposing you, particularly if you are speaking with several agencies.

One of the immediate issues which can present itself, not in your favour, is a fee dispute between companies for your introduction. Who introduced you? It’s not always the ‘first past the post’ syndrome that applies.

Treat your CV carefully. In the wrong hands, it could be closing a door instead of opening one.

Many recruiters will backfill jobs. No sooner have you alerted them of your wish to change, they could be lining-up people for your job and sending CV’s confidentially to your boss, in anticipation of your departure.

This is why trust plays such an important part.

I don’t want your CV, not yet anyway.

When I have something in focus, I might ask for your CV, but until then, it’s unnecessary.

Get on my radar for some of the best jobs in Housebuilding.