Bring Me A Great Shortlist

Having spent a decade in Housebuilding at director level, I listened to recruiters and how they were different from the next recruiter. It was nonsense.

I wanted to create a unique model which was going to differentiate from other recruiters.

It wasn’t difficult as the recruitment sector has such a poor reputation, occupied by amateurs who know nothing about Housebuilding, nor the job roles and rely upon keywords for most of their activities.

With a deep understanding of Housebuilding roles and a grasp of each company culture, I have created a unique situation.

Ethical methods of Search and Selection set me apart from everyone in the sector.

Trust plays a huge part in my success.

Confidentiality is another unique trait.

I’ve seen how disingenuous recruiters can be, particularly people you’d think were reliable.

With me, it’s Black and White. No grey.

Whole Market

I am appointed to search for all roles within Housebuilding from Reception staff to CEO’s and every department in Housebuilding.


Since 2002, I have spent many hours driving around the UK meeting thousands of Housebuilding personnel.

Often meeting candidates after their working day to maintain confidentiality and to ensure that I get to the bottom of each candidate, spending 2-3 hours discussing their lives.

CV Database

If you’re looking for a raft of CV’s to be sent without any real consideration, I’m not for you.
Every client is different. Every candidate will perform differently in other businesses. Cultural fit, ability to fulfil the role and personalities are all considered important.

An A player candidate in one company, might be a B or C player in another company.

My role is to make sure that they will fit-in and do a great job. That’s why my record of success is over 99%. Less than 1% of placements have gone wrong since 2002. I’m fussy.

I try hard to stop the wrong people joining your business.

Value for money

I prefer value, rather than cost.

From my perspective, there’s little value in paying a fortune for a CV dragged out of a database.
All of my clients have been on the journey since inception. I don’t work for every company. In fact I don’t work for many, because my ethical model wouldn’t work otherwise. I need target companies to poach people from.

All of my clients staff are completely off-limits. I will never approach a member of staff working with one of my clients. There are no exceptions.

Deep Search

I have found that people will engage with me because of my reputation. Sensitive appointments especially. Candidates would prefer to deal with someone who understands housebuilding in every detail and be confident that I will undertake searches in a professional way and be straight with them about whether they are likely to fit-in with my clients.

I’m not your best friend

Recruiters have a bad habit of portraying themselves as your best friend, in a disingenuous way.
That’s not me. I do my best to make sure all parties fit together. I also don’t have any trouble telling you if I don’t agree with something. It’s a no-nonesense approach and people welcome my candour. I hope you will too?